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Minecraft apk 1.20.0
Minecraft apk 1.20.0
Minecraft apk 1.20.0
Minecraft apk 1.20.0

Download Minecraft APK Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: try to crawl through the blocks of the game world, find ancient treasures and use all the functions!

Minecraft APK update?

Mojang never tire of delighting fans of the pixel world with updates. This time, many bugs have been fixed, and there are still many options available to players in Minecraft APK1.20.10.24, including archaeology and improved crawling.

Archaeological items

The amazing world of the game allows Minecraft APK users to find a variety of items in biomes. Archaeological excavations are best arranged in Trail Ruins and deserts, because there is more probability of finding the right blocks. Such places can be easily cleaned with a special object – a brush.

Suspicious sand hides fragments under it, which can become parts of crafting a decorative pot.

Armor Trim

Minecraft APK1.20.10.24 players can find special templates in Trail Ruins. There are about 20 varieties of unique elements that make the armor custom. In addition, users need to use Smithing table.

By the way, the game also has the ability to remake shields. To do this, users need a banner and an empty shield. By connecting these things, the player gets a new item in his world.


Many have already met the Sniffer and learned how to help this mob hatch from eggs. The best way to speed up this process is to put an egg on the moss. The appearance of a small mob will take only 10 minutes. Minecraft players can feed the mob with plants for breeding purposes. To do this, they need to use torchflower.


In addition to walking, jumping and running, Minecraft APK players can use crawling. This is very convenient in places where it is difficult for the character to pass due to growth.