Gae Bolg Addon Mod in Minecraft PE

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Inspired from the Gae Bolg spear in Fate / Stay Night. /function gae:give Hold down right click until pink stuff appears on spear and aim cursor directly on an entity […]

Minecraft PE Battle Gears Mod

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Download Battle Gears Mod for Minecraft PE: use the most incredible elements of weapons and equipment to defeat absolutely any opponent.

Minecraft PE Dynamite Mod

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Download Dynamite Mod for Minecraft PE: use new explosive devices during combat or quickly extract minerals.

Lightsaber Mod for Minecraft PE

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Download lightsaber mod for Minecraft PE: collect crystals, use them to make new and powerful swords, and easily defeat hostile creatures! Lightsaber mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition During survival in […]

TNT Mod for Minecraft PE

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Download TNT Mod for Minecraft PE: clear territories on the large areas to create new buildings. TNT Mod for MCPE Sometimes many Minecraft PE players do not have enough time […]