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Download Minecraft APK free Copper Update for Android with a working Xbox Live: use the improved copper doors, meet the updated Breeze, and much more!

Information on the Minecraft Preview and Beta:

These work-in-progress versions can be unstable and may not be representative of final version quality
Minecraft Preview is available on Xbox, Windows 10/11, and iOS devices. More information can be found at
The beta is available on Android (Google Play). To join or leave the beta, see for detailed instructions

I love adventuring in Minecraft. Exploring biomes! Mining stuff! I reckon my pet wolf would love it too, but I’m much too much of an overprotective digital dog parent to let them outside the base. Until today! Because not only is the armadillo coming to pre-release versions of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Preview and Beta (check out its adorable rolling up animation!) but wolf armor is coming, too. Meet the first iteration of the cautious armadillo, a neutral, savanna-dwelling mob that loves spider’s eyes, and rolls up whenever it feels threatened. Armadillos also drop a scute that can be used to craft wolf armor, which currently gives your four-legged friend roughly as much protection as diamond horse armor. Snazzy and safer! As always, we’d love your feedback on the armadillo and wolf armor, so please let us know what you think here, and report any bugs (spider’s eyes not included) at Now if you’ll excuse me, me and my furry friend are off to test the limits of how worried I can be about a cute

Minecraft APK Beta

The Mojang team has fixed several critical bugs and improved the textures of some blocks in Minecraft APK For example, copper doors began to look new. Those who love adventure should visit Trial Chambers.

There are a lot of resources there, but also a lot of dangerous mobs.


There are different mobs in Trial Chambers. They are created by a trial spawner, and the more players there are, the more creatures will appear. Breeze is a hostile creature and can attack other mobs and Minecraft Bedrock Edition players as well. Externally, the creature resembles a Breeze, but the behavior has its own characteristics.

The projectiles fired by the mob are made of air and can cause explosions.


There are many resources in Minecraft PE, including copper and tuff. New doors can be used for home improvement. These items have received new textures as well as immunity to explosions.

It is possible to get such blocks in Trial Chambers, because these locations actually consist of copper.

By the way, all objects made of copper and tuff are oxidized. There are also some blocks for lighting in Minecraft Pocket Edition For example, bulbs, which can help players see in the dark for a while.


A unique item creation block will help Minecraft version players speed up and simplify the process with Redstone. Crafting is a way to automate and get more resources.

By the way, the block itself can also be created using a special recipe.