Underground Railroad Spawn Seed

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Minecraft PE Seed Map: -2064980256 You spawn in a cave just a few meters away from an expansive mine shaft. Plenty of chests with good loot and open areas to […]

Mushroom Biome with a Ravine and Village Seed

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Minecraft PE Seed Map: 519888219 This is one of the rarest biome in Minecraft that has Mooshrooms! With additional it has a huge Ravine and the new Village in version […]

Enormous Bamboo Jungle with Crossing Ravines Seed

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Minecraft PE Seed Map: 1960607841 There are 3 ravines at spawn, 2 of which intersect each other inside an enormous bamboo jungle that goes 500+ blocks out. In the crossing […]

Desert Temple And Sand Village Ahead Of Spawn (Seed)

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Minecraft PE Seed Map: DoraAndBoots This is my first submission! Try out this seed when you start a survival world! Though the seed sounds very, well, it’s DoraAndBoots, but it […]

2 Villages And Sand Temple Behind Spawn! (Seed)

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Minecraft PE Seed Map: -985976466 Discovered by me! This seed though you have to go back quite a few blocks, has 2 villages and a sand temple! The seed is […]

HUGE Mesa With Many Cool Things Nearby! (Seed)

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Minecraft PE Seed Map: 2025348159 You spawn in a lake between an oasis and the walls of the valley. Encompassing the oasis is a tall mesa with little plant life […]