Minecraft PE Witchery Mod

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Magical Broomsticks 1.16.0 - 1.19.50


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Minecraft PE Witchery Mod
Minecraft PE Witchery Mod
Minecraft PE Witchery Mod
Minecraft PE Witchery Mod
Minecraft PE Witchery Mod

Download Witchery Mod for Minecraft PE: beware of attacks from the air, because now witches fly on brooms and will certainly attack unprotected heroes.

What is new in Witchery Mod?

Many people dream of having magical abilities, but only Minecraft PE users have such an opportunity right now. Thanks to Witchery Mod, they will get all the necessary items: spell books, brooms, and even a costume of the wizard.

Also, new rivals will appear in the cubic world – these are witches, who now also fly. At the same time, they will attack players with explosive pumpkins. Rather, install this update and plunge into the world of magic and magic.


This add-on for Witchery Mod will add a lot of magic items to the cubic world. Pumpkin bombs, flying brooms, and unique books will make the Minecraft PE player a real wizard.

Witches, who will now be met by heroes, have learned to fly. Therefore, you should be wary of their attacks from the air. Players will be able to craft 8 new spells. With their help, the heroes will be able to learn to fly and enchant objects for levitation.

It will also be possible to gain the ability to walk on lava or freeze opponents. Of course, Minecraft PE players will be able to learn how to control a broom and become full-fledged magicians.

Magical Broomsticks

It is impossible to imagine a witch without her original means of transportation – a broom. Players will have the opportunity to craft various versions of this item on their own. It is worth noting that each of them will impose a certain effect on the player.

For example, the owner of the spruce will receive the ability to Resist, and the birch – to regenerate. Also, players will be able to change the design of this magical device, for this, users will need to get a bag of change.

Also, for comfortable movement at night, the authors of Witchery Mod equipped all brooms with lanterns. And Minecraft Bedrock players will be able to complement the image of the wizard with a cape and hat.