Minecraft PE SCP Mod

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SCP Mod 0.14.0 - 1.19.21


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Minecraft PE SCP Mod
Minecraft PE SCP Mod
Minecraft PE SCP Mod
Minecraft PE SCP Mod

Download the SCP mod for Minecraft PE: explore the darkest secrets of this notorious company.

SCP MCPE Mod Highlights

Minecraft PE is not a horror game, but its community can turn it into a real nightmare with dozens of modifications and texture packs.

This time, the SCP addon does all of that quite effortlessly. It turns out there are now hundreds of terrifying creatures creeping around the world.

Luckily for the explorers and adventurers, they can be slaughtered with no problem in MCPE.

However, the majority of SCP besties are rather robust.

Here’s the list of the monsters you’ll face in the game.

SCP-173 and SCP-049

This mob’s feature is its behavior. It turns out SCP-0173 won’t attack you if you look at them.

Should you only try to look away, and it will strike you immediately in Minecraft PE.

On the other hand, SCP-049 looks like a plague doctor from the Middle Ages. It infects villagers turning them into zombies.

Besides, this so-called doctor gives the wither effect on a player. Thus it’s not that quick to be killed in MCPE.

SCP-682 and SCP-053

Moreover, there are even immortal creatures in the game now. For instance, SCP-682 is the strongest mob ever.

First of all, it is invincible, which means you can’t literally kill it. Secondly, it slays other mobs instantly. No armor will protect you in Minecraft PE.

On the contrary, SCP-053 is perhaps the weakest creature. It has only twenty health points, but that little girl scares a lot of users.

She will follow any user and, if attacked, will fight back in MCPE.

SCP-939 and SCP-019

This mob is one of the most unique-acting ones. It turns out it is hostile only when it hears you, so you shouldn’t take risks and make no noise in Minecraft PE.

It has one hundred and fifty HP and deals twenty points of damage, so SCP-939 is rather harsh.

Notwithstanding, SCP-019 is extraordinarily rapid and almost impossible to beat. If you see it in the distance, you need to run.

All in all, MCPE players now have way more challenges.