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Download Minecraft APK Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: find suspicious sand and listen to the additional music!

What is new in Minecraft APK ?

Players have already used archaeological options in the last editions. In Minecraft APK, the developers from Mojang have added even more functionality to some items and blocks, as well as diversified music in new biomes of the Tales and Trails Update.


This amazing creature with a bright color named Sniffer can search for seeds of different plants in Minecraft For example, if a player is lucky enough to find a torchflower with the help of the mob, he will receive a new component for a suspicious stew. The creature has received a number of changes in the latest update. For example, now the creature cannot search for objects and dig when it is in the water.

By the way, players can lure the Sniffer with a torchflower.


Minecraft APK has a lot of picturesque biomes in which players can find unusual objects and plants. Trail Ruins attract more and more users, because there they can find not only blocks of suspicious sand and gravel, but also smithing templates for decorating armor. In addition, this structure now has more options in the game world.

Cherry groves have become another beautiful place in the game. Trees can become a material for creating things and building, and the petals of pink flowers can be the basis for dye.

Armor and shield customization

If a player wants to make changes to his appearance in Minecraft, he should try customization of shields and armor. To improve the shield, it is enough to connect the selected item with the banner. If the user wants to make the armor unique, then he should look for special templates in different structures of the world. For example, it is worth looking into Trail Ruins.