The Ice Lands (Dinosaur Documentary Seed)

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Desert Village With Stronghold Inside Ravine (Seed)
The Ice Lands (Dinosaur Documentary Seed)
The Ice Lands (Dinosaur Documentary Seed)

Minecraft PE Seed Map: 106380

This amazing snow seed features snowy forests, plains, and spikes; as well as multiple villages and some extraordinary snowy arches in and around the spikes. It is also the seed featured in my video “Spirits of the Ice Forest” – based on BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs.

The co-ordinates of the snow area used in my video (and the are which is my favourite) are here:

X: 478

Y: 71

Z: 578

Use /tp @p 478 71 578 to teleport to this area.

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The Ice Lands (Dinosaur Documentary Seed)

Shown in this image is part of the ice spikes biome, as well as a ravine and some snowy arches, leading out to the snow plains.

The Ice Lands (Dinosaur Documentary Seed)

This area is the area shown in the documentary clip. The forest where the Leaellynasaura live and where the Allosaur hunts can be seen in top-right. As well as the Muttaburrasaurus depature scene shown in bottom right. A cool snow village can also bee seen on the left hand side, complete with rows of igloo housing!

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