Stronghold in canyon village at spawn

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Stronghold in canyon village at spawn

Minecraft Seed Map: 1349679922

We all want a good spawn point, where if you move forward as soon as you appear, you will fall down a large canyon and into a lava zone. Even better than this canyon is the home of a stronghold. You appear in a village where you can get some essential items, steal a few things from the locals, and then try to capture the stronghold as soon as possible. If you like speed, this Minecraft PE seed is definitely for you.

Location coordinates:

  • Temple in the desert: 792 312
  • Destroyed gate: 744 312
  • Temple in the Desert 2:232 8
  • Zombie village & stronghold: -376 984
  • Fossils: 929 8
  • Undersea memorial: 1816 616

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How to use seeds in Minecraft PE?

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