Minecraft PE Halloween Map

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Name Version File
Halloween Adventure 1.0.0 - 1.19.51
Abandoned Mansion 1.16.0 - 1.19.51


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Minecraft PE Halloween Map
Minecraft PE Halloween Map
Minecraft PE Halloween Map
Minecraft PE Halloween Map
Minecraft PE Halloween Map

Download Halloween Map for Minecraft PE: save your friends by making your way through the crowds of evil mobs, passing parkour tests, and solving intricate puzzles.

Halloween Map for MCPE

Horror themed challenges for Minecraft are very popular among fans of the game. For example, if you install the Halloween Map, you will get acquainted with a story that tells how the inhabitants of one small village decided to build a kind of holiday.

You need to save your friends from villains who want to spoil the holiday. Along the way, you will need to pass tests, fight monsters and solve riddles to pass the map.

Halloween Adventure

The Halloween Map is a pretty interesting adventure that is sure to please every Minecraft PE player. Residents decorated their village and tried to collect details for a better mood and various decorations. However, after the decorations, they realized that they had thereby summoned an Evil Witch.

The Evil Witch decided to spoil the holiday for everyone. She cast a spell and set a bunch of traps so that it was impossible to get close to her.

The task is to save the village and make sure that the holiday takes place.


A very interesting landscape on this Halloween Map immediately creates the feeling of this scary celebration in Minecraft. In this map, Steve needs to find 7 relics, and go through various obstacles by killing demons and freeing his friends.

It is forbidden to put or destroy blocks if no such task has been set.

Be sure to be attentive and read all the signs that tell the story. The author of the map for Minecraft PE advises setting the difficulty to the maximum.

The Abandoned Mansion

Welcome to the Abandoned Mansion. According to the history of this Halloween Map, Steve went to the forest with friends and got lost. But hope appears when a house appears in the distance. The hope of spending the night in warmth gives strength.

However, on the way to the mansion Minecraft PE players will face a lot of terrible surprises. The task is to avoid all the traps of the mansions and escape.

The map is available for a multiplayer game mode with an infinite number of players.