Minecraft PE Bottle Survival Map

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Bottle Survival 1.19.0 - 1.19.51


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Minecraft PE Bottle Survival Map
Minecraft PE Bottle Survival Map
Minecraft PE Bottle Survival Map
Minecraft PE Bottle Survival Map
Minecraft PE Bottle Survival Map

Download Bottle Survival Map for Minecraft PE: visit glass sky blocks, find different blocks, and improve some skills!

Bottle Survival Map for MCPE

Many players have tried at least once to survive on the sky block in Minecraft PE. These constructions are dangerous because players can fall from a height.

The developers of the bottle survival map offer their version of such blocks. Here the space will be closed, and users will have a minimum of resources inside.

Players can use these locations to play with friends, building ladders to bottles that hang in the air.

Rules of the game

There is a book with the rules of the game at Steve’s spawn place in Minecraft PE. The bottle survival map assumes the use of only the survival mode. Otherwise, there is no sense.

The developer warns players that it is forbidden to activate cheats, create custom portals, and use netherite on the territory of the location.


By downloading this map, Minecraft PE players will get into a giant bottle, where they will have to survive. There is a chest and some other items.

If Steve opens the chest, he will see bread, a pickaxe, an axe, a sword, and leather armor there. There are also a lot of webs, the use of which will need to come up.

The walls of the structure consist of glass. The bottle is hanging in the air, and several similar objects are floating nearby. After getting out of one location, the player can move on to another.


Each bottle is unique, but Minecraft PE users will need to make an effort to survive on this map. They may notice that many locations are similar to the biomes of the game world. For example, there is an area that looks like a desert, snowy mountains, and many others.

The developer also created separate bottles in the style of Nether and End.

By the way, there is a separate sky block, which is not like the others. There is a unique portal inside. It moves the user to a room where users can buy and sell blocks.