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Minecraft apk 1.20.0
Minecraft apk
Minecraft apk
Minecraft apk
Minecraft apk
Minecraft apk 1.20.0
Minecraft apk 1.20.0
Minecraft apk 1.20.0
Minecraft apk 1.20.0
Minecraft apk 1.20.0
Minecraft apk 1.20.0
Minecraft apk 1.20.0
Minecraft apk 1.20.0
Minecraft apk

Download Minecraft APK free Cooper update for Android with a working Xbox Live: try copper blocks, create new items with the help of crafter, and get explorer maps from cartographers!

Information on the Minecraft Preview and Beta:

These work-in-progress versions can be unstable and may not be representative of final version quality
Minecraft Preview is available on Xbox, Windows 10/11, and iOS devices. More information can be found at
The beta is available on Android (Google Play). To join or leave the beta, see for detailed instructions
It’s October in Sweden, and the leaves outside are changing from green to orange faster than copper can oxidize! I could spend this whole changelog waxing lyrical about the new decorative blocks coming to experimental testing this week, but instead how about I tell you to look out for the copper trapdoor, copper door, copper grate, and chiseled copper block! All of these can be waxed, chiseled, and scraped to your heart’s content, so you can color co-ordinate with pumpkins or creepers. Also coming to testing is a new set of tuff blocks (finally, tuff stairs!) and, a new bat texture! As ever, we’d love your feedback on these new features. Send us your thoughts here and report any bugs at!
(Please note: Thanks for your patience! This Preview and Beta has now started rolling out.)

Experimental Features

Copper Block Family

  • The Copper family of blocks has been expanded, including:
  • Chiseled Copper
  • Copper Grate
  • Copper Bulb
  • Copper Door
  • Copper Trapdoor
  • Oxidized and waxed variants of all the above

Chiseled Copper

  • Crafted with 2 Cut Copper Slabs of a shared oxidation level
  • Can be crafted in the Stonecutter

Copper Grate

  • A new type of decorative block unique to the Copper family
  • Crafted with 4 Copper Blocks of a shared oxidation level
    • Can be crafted in the Stonecutter
  • Properties:
    • Transparent and allows light to pass through
    • Mobs cannot suffocate inside them
    • Cannot conduct Redstone
    • Hostile mobs cannot naturally spawn on them

Copper Bulb

  • A light-emitting block that can toggle its light emission through Redstone pulses
  • Oxidizes like other Copper blocks, and emits less light the more oxidized they are
    • Copper Bulb: Light level 15
    • Exposed Copper Bulb: Light level 12
    • Weathered Copper Bulb: Light level 8
    • Oxidized Copper Bulb: Light level 4
  • When placed, its light is off by default
    • While the Copper Bulb is unpowered, it will toggle its light on or off when it receives a Redstone pulse
    • Copper Bulb light will stay on even when the Redstone source is removed until it receives another Redstone pulse to toggle it off
  • A Redstone crystal will glow in the center of Copper Bulbs while it is powered by a Redstone signal
  • Comparators will read a signal strength of 15 if the Copper Bulb’s light is on
  • Does not conduct Redstone power
  • Can craft 4 Copper Bulbs with:
    • 3 Copper Blocks of a shared oxidation level
    • 1 Blaze Rod
    • 1 Redstone Dust

Copper Doors and Trapdoors

  • Copper variants of Doors and Trapdoors that can oxidize over time and be waxed
  • Works like wooden Doors in that they can be opened and closed with interaction as well as Redstone
  • Crafted with Copper Blocks of a shared oxidation level

Tuff Block Family

  • Tuff has been expanded to have its own family of blocks, including:
    • Stair, Slab, Wall, and Chiseled variants
    • Tuff Bricks with Stair, Slab, Wall, and Chiseled variants
    • Polished Tuff with Stair, Slab, and Wall variants
  • All Tuff variants can be crafted in the Stonecutter

Minecraft APK Beta Cooper update

The improvement of the game world continues, and Copper Update is getting even better. Mojang offers many unique options to Minecraft APK players such as:

  • New tuff and copper blocks;
  • more explorer maps;
  • discovering ancient ruins;
  • trading in MCPE villages.


Many people use trading in the virtual world to get various items needed for survival. For example, Minecraft players can take diamond armor from armorer – one of the villagers.

Those who want to go on a journey through rare structures need to get explorer maps. They can be purchased from a cartographer, who also spawns in Minecraft Pocket Edition villages.


One of the best places to dig in Minecraft version is Trail Runs. Only a part of the structure is on the surface. This is a place where players can find both Sniffer eggs and smithing templates.

Suspicious sand is generated there, which players need to clean with a brush.


Experimental Minecraft options give players unique crafting opportunities. For example, users can automate some processes using a new block – crafter. Redstone will help to make a mechanism that simplifies the creation of items.


Those who like to walk in the deserts already know that camels spawn in these biomes. It is possible to ride animals even together with a friend, which makes them unique.

There are some features of camels in Minecraft PE

  • They do not make a dash if they are standing in lava;
  • they do not move their legs during a stop.

Copper and Tuff blocks

Several unique types of blocks have appeared in Minecraft Bedrock Edition Some of them are made of copper:

  • Grate;
  • bulbs;
  • doors;
  • trapdoors.

There are also their oxidized and waxed variants.

There are also some tuff blocks such as stairs, slabs, and walls.

All new materials are perfect for decorations of various locations in Minecraft