Color Cubes* Worlds

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Color Cubes* Worlds
Color Cubes* Worlds
Color Cubes* Worlds

Hello, Guys. This Is My Sixth Minecraft Bedrock Map, Call ” Color Cubes “. Ya, This Is A Puzzle Escape Map. In This Map You Solving So Many Puzzles In 12 Colors Rooms & Trading With Traders. So Get Ready For Showing Your Minecraft Brain Knowledge. If You Find The Best Puzzle Escape Map. So It Is Here.*

Color Cubes Is Test Your Minecraft Brain Knowledge. In This Map You Crafting Items, Trade With Villagers & Solving Difficult Puzzles In Each Rooms. Find Different Tools & Use Your Knowledge For Craft Any Items To Use Trades. In This Map You Definitely Enjoy, Easy Parkour.

Color Cubes* Worlds

Parkour Is Very Easy, Not Getting Skills For Parkour, So Don’t Worry. After Complete 11 Rooms, You Finally Unlock The 12th Boss Room. After Unlock Boss Room, You Need Netherite Sword With Sharpness V. So, Now Go To Download Map. Links Down Below.

Color Cubes* Worlds
Color Cubes* Worlds

Warning: Please Don’t Re-upload My Maps On Your Websites. & If You Record My Maps Video, So Please Give Shoutout & Credits In Your Video & Video’s Description.

Media Information:

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Map Information:-

[ 1 ]. Map Version:

> 1.20 & Above.

[ 2 ]. Map Trailers Links:

Trailer-1 Link

[ 3 ]. Map Walkthrough Link:

Coming Soon.


Map Rules:-

1. Play Map In Adventure Mode.

2. Don’t Break Any Items & Blocks.

3. Don’t Throw Any Items.

4. Don’t Forget Any Items To Other Chests To In Your Inventory.

5. Always Keep Your Items In Your Inventory.



How To Download Map:-

1. Click To Download Button.

2. Download Mcworld File.

3. Open Your File Manager (Recommend: Zarchiver)

4. Go To Your ” Download ” Folder.

5. Find Your Mcworld File.

6. Hold On A File & Click Your Right Side Arrow.*