Circular Ice Cap Biome between Flatlands Seed Map

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Minecraft Seed Map: 8053978464349371740

This seed may not include many structures around, but it is still very unique. It includes a small Ice Caps Snowy biome on spawn. What’s so special about this, you may ask? This Ice Caps biome has a neat circular shape and is only surrounded by hundreds of blocks of Flatlands. A peculiar location for a snowy biome like that to exist. After the Caves and Cliffs update, Flatlands has become quite uncommon, so this seed is perfect for all builders out there!

Seed: 8053978464349371740
Spawn Biome: Flatlands and Snowy Biome
Ice Caps: On Spawn

How to use seeds in Minecraft PE?

  • Go to Create New World > Game Settings
  • Copy one of the seed codes listed below and paste it in the Seed field.