Biome Split (Bedrock 1.16 Seed Map)

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Minecraft Seed Map: 1880640401

Biome Split is a great Minecraft seed code. This spawn point will definitely make you satisfied. You appear near the intersection of two rivers. The place separates 4 different biomes. In this fascinating Minecraft seed, you not only have access to great resources but also stunning landscapes. The screenshot above is the point you will appear at. You can see Taiga forests, plains, mountains, swamps covered by clouds… This is the perfect place to camp and build your own “magic cube” empire.

Location coordinates:

  • Stronghold: -659 620
  • Village #1: 565 -350
  • Village #2: -345 145
  • Spawner Zombies: 14 39 38
  • Spwaner Spider: 46 36 142

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How to use seeds in Minecraft PE?

  • Go to Create New World > Game Settings
  • Copy one of the seed codes listed below and paste it in the Seed field.